What is Eyelash Extension Acrylic Adhesive Glue?

At first Eyelash Extension Acrylic Adhesive Glue beautifully elegant adhesive pallet. In fact, It Keeps glue cool longer so your glue doesn’t dry out. It is Easier to clean since it has a smooth non-porous surface. Meantime the Glue can not erode on this surface like it does on the jade stone.

Features of Eyelash Extension Acrylic Adhesive Glue!

This product will be upgraded constantly, while the appearance and color may be changed, please don’t mind. And take a consideration before place the order if you have request for color or appearance.Distinguish the eyelash length and is a great glue holder.The wide, smooth and flat surface has lines and millimeter marks for interval, which allowing easy attaching eyelash extension strips, but no hassle recognizing and organizing them during application.The groove area can put a glue sticker pad, convenient and easy to clean. Saving your time and your table space for a faster, easier lash application. It makes clean up a breeze: fast, easy, no mess. Perfect to fit for new starters as an assistance tool. Made of high quality glass materials, lightweight and convenient, no peculiar smell. Great for beauty salon and individual eyelash extensions.

Gorgeous eyelashes with Iolite Lashes!

We at Iolite Lashes design and manufacture high-quality cosmetic supplies for stylists and beauticians across the globe. All kinds of tools and accessories are available in our offer, such as tweezers, applicators, silicone eye pads, and more. Apart from our premium selection of eyelash extensions, we also offer an array of eyelash adhesives. As well as various salon equipment, we also provide decorations and storage solutions.

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