What is Eyelash Extension Scissor?

Stainless Steel Eyelash Extension Scissor are perfect for trimming eyebrows and can also be used for various eyelash trimming needs. Scissors can repeatedly use these stainless-steel eyelash extension scissors with no sign of rust! It means they can last forever! Yes, please! And, you won’t want to replace them because they will be one of your keys to efficiency. They fit comfortably in your hand, making it a must-have lash product. The Lash Professional recommends using eyelash extension scissors for cutting tape and gel eye pads. We do not recommend cutting natural lashes or lash extensions.
Our eyelash scissors fit comfortably in your hand, making them a must-have lash product. Plus, you can take them anywhere. The portability and precision make these eyelash scissors ones you can rely upon. Anyone can use the stainless steel eyelash extension scissors repeatedly with no rust! In addition to the anti-rust design, these portable eyelash scissors are precise—no more struggling to cut eyelash tape!

Features of Eyelash Extension Scissor!

Easy to clean: Trimming scissors made of stainless steel are sturdy and durable, and Technicians can easily clean them before use. It ensures safety and cleanliness.
Wide range of uses: With large finger holes, these hair cutting, eyebrows, mustache, and beard scissors are incredibly accurate and can used to trim small parts like nose hair, ear hair, mustache, etc.
Smart design: The eyebrow trimmer scissors have pointed tips and a curved design, allowing them to cut precisely without pulling or snagging; The curved edges provide accuracy for trimming small parts. The stainless steel curved head allows them to be easily carried when traveling.
Uses: You can apply eyebrow extensions, eyelash extensions, etc., at home with ease and convenience with the eyebrow scissors.

About this item

  • Mini scissors for lash extension.
  • Used for cutting long lashes desired length.
  • Stainless Steel Eyebrow Mustache Facial Nose Ear Hair Curved Edge Scissors.
  • Suitable for makeup salon, cosmetics studio, makeup artist.
  • Professional use and personal use.

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