What is Eyelash Strong Fixing Gel?

The Eyelash Strong Fixing Gel is lash lifts and brow laminations for application. A silicone rod is attached to the upper eyelid, and lashes are connected to the silicone rod using Fixing Gel in Steps 3-5 of the Lift process. Iolite Lash Strong Fixing Gel provides unmatched adhesion that is both strong and beneficial to your natural lashes to adhere to thin and thick lash extensions.

Designed to attach to your natural lashes, this lash extension adhesive flawlessly applies thin and thick lashes. Besides securing your lash extensions in place, it naturally raises your lashes while nurturing them for longer and broader lashes. How cool is that? This Glue also doubles as a water-soluble glue, so it is just as easy to remove as it is to apply!. Fixing gel glue is an an adhesive designed to glue natural lashes on the silicone curler. Its adhesive capabilities are able to perfectly apply both thin and thick eyelashes. Then Creates a thin film that allows substances to penetrate easily into the hair, modifying the curvature and /or thickness.

Detailed description of the Procedure Using Eyelash Strong Fixing Gel for Lash and Brow Lifting!

  • A nutshell, hair lamination regenerates, strengthens, and gives them a healthy shine and a flirty curve.
  • In conclusion it is a comfortable, safe, and effective procedure.
  • In fact all the items you will need for eyelash lamination are included in the kit.
  • The first composition is a lifting agent designed to curl eyelashes and shape eyebrows – one bottle of 5 ml.
  • A volume fixer for straightening eyelashes and eyebrows – 5 ml of the composition No. 2.
  • In Composition 3, a silk essence containing hydrolyzed keratin and silicone restores the structure and nourishes damaged eyelashes and eyebrows – one 5ml bottle.
  • A liquid to remove the residue left by the eyelash cleanser – Composition No. 4 – 1 bottle of 10 ml of eyelash cleanser.
  • Universal glue for lamination and Iolite eyelashes Glue for Eyelash Lamination a – 1 bottle 10 ml.

Eyelash lamination using Iolite Lash Strong Fixing Gel for Lash and Brow Lifting!

  • 1) Use a liner to isolate the lower lashes.
  • 2) Then Use IOLITE Beauty Collection 2 in 1 eyelash remover and primer on eyelashes.
  • 3) Next choose a roller according to the length of the eyelashes.
  • 4) Apply the lamination and glue to the roller using Iolite eyelash lamination.
  • -Apply to the eyelid at the upper lash line as much as possible.
  • 5) Apply glue to the eyelashes and attach them parallel to the roller.
  • 6) Apply Composition No. 1 to the eyelashes with a micro-brush.


The composition must have retreated from the root of eyelashes at about 2 mm to avoid getting on the mucous membrane. Then you do not need to apply the document to the very tips of the eyelashes since they are skinny and can easily damage. During the curl of the eyelashes is too intense at the outer and inner corners, then the composition should be applied to a narrower area of the eyelashes.

  • 7) In addition Depending on the thickness of the eyelashes, you should keep the eyelashes warm under the film for 18-25 minutes. Meanwhile use a cotton swab to remove composition No. 1.
  • 8) Apply composition No. 2 to the affected areas using a micro-brush following the instructions.
  • 9) Maintain composition number 2 in half the time it takes you to maintain composition number 1. Use a cotton swab to remove composition No. 2.
  • 10) Apply the liners over the under-eye area, ensuring that the lower lashes remain in place.
  • 11) In a small container, combine 0.5 ml of paint with 4 to 5 drops of an oxidant until the mixture becomes homogeneous and creamy.
  • 12) Use a micro-brush or a brush to apply the prepared paint to the upper and lower eyelashes, avoiding contact with the mucous membrane. Wait seven to ten minutes. Remove stain with a dry cotton swab.
  • 13) Application of composition no. 3 to the upper and lower lashes is best done with a micro-brush. After that, let them dry. After the makeup has dried, remove with a cotton swab dry.
  • 14.) Separate the eyelashes from the rollers using composition No. 4 (Cleanser). Remove the rollers and substrates, then remove the glue from the skin.

Brow lamination

  • 1) Apply IOLITE Brow Collection 2 in 1 eyelash remover and primer to eyebrows.
  • 2) Apply Iolite glue for lamination and Iolite eyelashes to the eyebrows, firmly adhering them to the skin as desired.
  • (3) Apply the eyebrows with composition No. 1 using a micro-brush. Keep the warm film on for 18-25 minutes if your eyebrows are thick. Remove composition No. 1 using a dry cotton swab.
  • 4) Use a micro-brush to apply composition No. 2.
  • 5) Maintenance of composition No. 2 takes two times as long as maintaining composition No. Use a dry cotton swab to remove composition No. 2.
  • 6) Add a few drops of an oxidant to 0.5 ml of paint and mix until it forms a homogeneous creamy mass. Fill in the eyebrows with the prepared color. Paint should be allowed to cure for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer, then removed with a dry cotton swab.
  • 7) Apply eyebrow composition No. 3 with either a micro-brush or brush. Once composition No. 3 has been covered for ten minutes, remove it with a dry cotton swab.
  • 8) Remove the glue remnants from the eyebrows using composition No. 4 (cleanser).

Recommendations before using IOLITE Keratin Booster Clear Essence

  • At first avoid contact with water for the first two hours after the procedure.
  • After the procedure, avoid contact with hot water and steam for 24 hours.
  • If you are working with compounds #1 and #2 simultaneously, Then do not use the same micro-brush. Each formulation requires a unique micro-brush.
  • Users must not use the formula caps with bottles that contain other materials since this may lead to a reduction in formula effectiveness.
  • For professional use only!
  • Read the instructions carefully before beginning work.

Contact us for more details, IOLITE EYELASH is a part of BSI COSMETICS.

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