Why Iolite Eyebrow Ruler Golden Mean Ratio Divider?

At First Eyebrow Ruler Golden Mean Ratio Divider is a size adjustment that allows for measuring various eyebrow types and painting the desired eyebrow shape. While using high-quality materials, this product will be safe for the skin and durable. In the meantime caliper may be more accurate for those just beginning to do permanent makeup on their eyebrows and lips. In addition Ruler can contribute to achieving symmetrical eyebrows in a more precise way. It is making from high-quality stainless steel.

More about Eyebrow Ruler Golden Mean Ratio Divider!

Eyebrow Ruler Golden Mean Ratio Divider are high quality, At first easy to use, then uniquely designed. In fact Suitable for students of biology, art, mathematics, or anyone involved in any creative endeavor. While using the Golden Mean Gauge clipper, you will be able to measure and create something unique. This stainless steel instrument is designing with a high sense of design, compactness, and usability. The primary purpose of this formula is to calculate the Golden Mean or alternatively known as the Golden Ratio. In Addition it also measures Phi. Also extensively used for micro-blading is the Golden Mean Caliper. A t last you can get one of the highest quality Golden Mean Calipers at a special price!


Easy to handle tool. Stainless steel with an elegant mirror finish. Flexible arms. The dimensions are 7.7 * 2.8 * 0.4 inches (easy to transport). 40g (Lightweight, foldable, easy to carry). Reusable, durable, and sterilizable.


This new design of golden ratio for eyebrows is much safer for micro-blading the eyebrows, as the rounded tips generate an environment where working on the face is safe and friendly.


This golden mean has an accurate scale (PHI (1: 1.618) – Divine Proportion) that frequently appears in nature as well as the human body, particularly in the face (As an example, the size and position of the eyebrows). Designers, architects, makeup artists, and artists can use it to create headers.


Asymmetrical and beautiful eyebrows must be measured, located, and shaped equally on both sides of the face. The procedure provides more precision for those just starting with permanent face makeup. It can measure different types of eyebrows with an adjustable size. It is durable and can be used daily for eyebrow makeup. Microblading and other beauty procedures use it extensively. You can DIY or hire a professional to handle it.

Features Eyebrow Ruler Golden Mean Ratio Divider!

  • Stainless steel of superior quality. Skin-friendly and fully reusable.
  • Golden Ratio Eyebrow Ruler can use to measure eyebrows, position eyebrows, and design eyebrows.
  • Measures the Golden Mean, also known as the Golden Ratio, and Phi is the ratio of – 1 to 0.618.
  • Its adjustable size allows it to fit different types of eyebrows and paint the most appropriate eyebrow shape.
  • You can carry it in your cosmetic bag or purse and use it at home or on a trip to shape your eyebrows.

Contact us for more details, IOLITE EYELASH is a part of BSI COSMETICS.

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