What is IOLITE Disposable Jade Stone Covers?

IOLITE Disposable Jade Stone Covers are used for easy adhesive clean-up in between clients. The back of the adhesive cover has a removable sticker. Users can use the sticker alone or on a jade stone. It’s easy to clean glue with the LashArt Protective Jade Stone Cover Stickers. These disposable lash extension accessories save time. Place the Disposable Jade Stone Covers on top of the stone to create a barrier between the glue and the rock. The covers will increase drying time without adding to the mess. With Jade Stone Covers, you can easily attach a removable sticker to jade stone during your service and remove it afterward.

Protect your jade stone or crystal from direct contact with eyelash extension adhesive. Using a disposable round glue cover sticker will ensure your jade stone stays clean, saving you time and extending the longevity of your stone. Especially useful for LashArt Lash Stones. You don’t have to use hot, sticky eyelash glue! Disposable adhesive platforms are perfect for covering Jade Stones, or you can stick them directly to tiles – whatever you choose, it’s easy to clean, so you have more time to focus on your lash affair.

Recommended Use For IOLITE Disposable Jade Stone Covers!

Sticker sizes to suit matching mini or standard jade stones. Mini stickers can also be used on full size stones. Dispose of after each use – simply peel + replace!


Peel individual protector off sheet, then place sticker flat on appropriate size JADE Adhesive Stone.

Key Features

  • Protects jade stone.
  • 3.5cm x 3.5 cm.
  • Disposable.
  • Save time.
  • Disposable for easy cleanup.
  • Removable sticker on back prevents movement.
  • Used to cover Jade Stone or by itself to drop lash adhesive on.

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