What is IOLITE Eyelash Extension Eye Patch 10 per/box?

IOLITE LASHES’ Eyelash Extension Eye Patch 10 Pair/Box is the best on the market! These eye pads ensure a strong grip on the lower lashes while not feeling sticky when removed. They are ideal for any kind of cosmetic procedure on eyelashes. There has never been any complaint of discomfort from clients regarding this eye pad. Additionally, the eye pads contain aloe vera gel and vitamin C to moisturize the eye area. To reduce dark circles, it works in the same way as an eye pad or eye mask. The eye pads that you get with your money are the best investment if you’re limited by your budget.

How to use IOLITE Eyelash Extension Eye Patch?

IOLITE Eyelash Extension Eye Patch pads are of a very high quality, they are used to cover and protect the lower lashes during application process. Pads are easy to apply and provide a high degree of comfort. Curved to fit most eyes, do not need to trim like other pads. Can also be used for Eyelash perming, Eyelash Tinting, Reducing dark circles from eyes and puffiness.

The Firming and Brightening Eye Patch uses the patented technology that slowly releases moisture and nutrients to your eye area by harnessing the warmth of your skin. As a result, your under-eye area is more hydrated, less puffy, your skin elasticity is improved and your dark eye circles diminished over time. When used during the eyelash extensions service, it holds down the lower lashes while giving a luxurious treatment to the under eye area. As it is lint-free, there are no stray strands of lint or fiber to spoil the look of your eyelash extensions


  • IOLITE Slim Gel Lint Free Eye Patch – Pack of 10 Pairs
  • Provides perfect protection & full nutrition of skin during the eyelash extension procedure
  • Nutrients that are contained in hydrogel quickly penetrates with skin and efficiently nourish and improve skin under the eyes.

Contact us for more details, IOLITE EYELASH is a part of BSI COSMETICS.

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