What is Iolite Pigment Ink Talia ISPMU516?

At first The Iolite Pigment Ink Talia ISPMU516 made of plant pigments which not only has good coloring effect and is safe to use. It is very suitable for practicing eyebrow, lips, eye line tattoo coloring. besides suitable for people who need to shape their semi-permanent facial look of lips part. Meanwhile the Base color pigment is suitable for permanent makeup of lips. then cosmetic tattooing of shaping lips, later light up your tone of lips and perfect the condition of dirt-lips. In fact this emulsion pigment could feed at least 35 man-time for permanent makeup. It will satisfy for your micro-blading service with your micro-blading technique.

In addition it is Made of organic plant ingredient, safe & harmless for your personal micro-blading and separate from the old school style of cosmetic tattooing on your face, harmless, and impermanent. Finally It is long lasting, free your hands in daily make up, which also can last over 12 months and depends on your skin age.

The tattoo pigment is in a little bottles to ensure vibrant and lush colors. while making the tattoo ink more stable. meanwhile it is easy to retain moisture in the inks and difficult to volatile. Soon Please Cover the bottle cap after use. In fact it is easy to color the tattoo and make the tattoo having a faster coloring effect. Furthermore The liquid ink is easy to color. It is pigment liquid, exquisite and smooth. Tattoo Inks adopt a formula with a high concentration of pigment to ensure perfect color and natural-looking. Excellent for multiple procedures and skin tones and create the vivid and natural effect for tattoo.

Features of Iolite Pigment Ink Talia ISPMU516?

  • MICROBLADING PIGMENT. Works with Microblading Pen and Permanent Makeup Machine
  • NATURALLY ATTRACTIVE VIBRANT COLORS. It is the perfect hint of color for the lips.
  • RESULT THAT LASTS. The resulting pigment produces beautiful, outstanding pigment that lasts!
  • TRUSTED AND USED BY PROFESSIONALS – This top quality permanent cosmetic pigment ink is preferred and used by top SPMU Makeup Artists and professionals.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN USA. For Professional Use Only. Our tattoo ink uses only the finest raw ingredients to create longest lasting shading and permanent makeup

Contact us for more details, IOLITE EYELASH is a part of BSI COSMETICS.

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