When Can I Try Iolite Stop Bleeding & Prevent Bruises?

You can try Iolite Stop Bleeding & Prevent Bruises. If the wound is suitable for home treatment, you may try. First, check the injury to determine how serious it is. If the cut is deep and bleeding profusely, the Client should seek medical attention.

Keep in mind After Your SPMU Treatment

You may have a lot of swelling. If you are experiencing it, you can apply ice to the treatment area. Following your procedure, you should use ice to prevent bruising. A bag of frozen peas helps to keep the place cool. Make sure there is a clean cloth barrier between your lips and the ice, with a pillow as a prop. Use an extra pillow to keep your head elevated when you go to bed the night of your treatment. Swelling will reduce as a result. For ten days, there will be no exercise.

Following your cosmetic treatment, exercise is not advised since it is great for your health and well-being. Exercising increases your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood flow. Reduced blood flow promotes faster healing of damaged capillaries. Additionally, sweat can interfere with the healing process. Due to this reason, I recommend that clients refrain from exercising for ten days after their treatment. Dry the area for ten days. If you accidentally get this area wet, dab it dry with a clean piece of tissue. Be careful when applying makeup to avoid touching the tattooed area.

Infection is not something you want to risk. Use a cleanser and toner or a face wipe to remove makeup. After SPMU Eye Treatment, do not wear any eye makeup for ten days. Avoid spicy, citrus or salty foods for ten days. After your SPMU Lip treatment, drink through a straw, and moisturize regularly to reduce the amount of scabbing. Wipe the area every 30-40 minutes if you have powder brows or Lip treatment. The technician will give the Oil to you if you are having brow treatment. It should be applied on the third day and not the day before.

When and how to apply Iolite Stop Bleeding & Prevent Bruises?

  • Elevating the injured body part reduces bleeding and swelling.
  • Reduce swelling by applying pressure.
  • While treating the wound, wear disposable gloves or keep your hands clean.
  • Run clean water over the wound to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Using a soft cloth that won’t stick to the injured area is the best way to dry the wound.
  • Apply your essential oil to the cut or scrape diluted with a carrier oil to help stop bleeding.
  • To protect the wound, apply a sterile wound dressing.
  • Usually 2 times a day, change the dressing and reapply the oils.
  • Treat the wound with essential oils after it has healed to reduce scarring.
  • Apply your essential oil to the cut or scrape after diluting it with a carrier oil to stop bleeding. You can add 2-4 drops of oil in a spritzer bottle of water and shake it before spraying it on the injured area if you do not wish to use a carrier oil. Although essential oils are generally diluted first before application, some people have stopped bleeding by applying 1 drop neat on a small cut or scrape. Before using essential oils as natural therapies, seek the advice of someone knowledgeable in this area.

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