What is M8 Digital SPMU Machine?

At First the M8 Digital SPMU Machine has a large color touch screen display and powerful rotary motor. It can also connect 2 hand pieces at a time. Needles can preset for a specific procedure, such as eyebrows, eyeliners, and lips. The M8’s needle puncture depth can be adjust along with its speed control settings. It also tracks the total time consumed by the device for proper maintenance. It’s adjustable needle puncture depth. second Rotation stable, third less vibration, fourth low noise muffled. In fact comfortable and light weight pen allows for continuous agility in prolonged session. Besides Permanent makeup cartridge tattoo needles suitable for permanent makeup tattoo machine Artmex, In addition V6,V8,V9,V11. We have many kind of pin needles, R1, R3, R5, F3, F5, F7, F9, M9, M12, M24, M36, M42, Nano round needle. The R1, R3, R5, F3, F5, F7, f9 needle comes with a white protective cap and the M9, M12, M24, M36, M42, nano round needle comes with a blue protective cap.

When you are going to buy the item please select the type of needles and quantity of item options or see item specifics. Meanwhile do not share the needles with anyone as it should use solely by the same person. Finally If you met any problem with our products, please contact our customer service.


Remove wrinkles, acne removal, improve scar, rejuvenation.For the narrow focus of the site can treats. (glabella, deep, wrinkles, scar) shrink pores.Treatment of striae gravidarum, lifting.Treatment of acne scars and healing wounds.

Application of M8 Digital SPMU Machine

Just replace the needle. Needle length is adjustable to different sizes depend on the areas and purposes of the treatment. It is more convenient to treat narrow area such as nose, around eye or mouth.


It is an electronic automated micro needle, with guides that adjusts needles length. It is hygienic, convenient, and safe. The perpendicular movement of the needle tip enables treatment of narrow areas, and lessen the pain.


  • Iolite needles for eyebrows, eyeliners, lips semi permanent makeup and body tattoo.
  • Permanent makeup cartridge tattoo needles suitable for permanent makeup tattoo machine V6,V8,V9,V11.
  • Available size: R1, R3, R5, R7, F3, F5, F7. Available size: R1 = L1, M1 ,R3, R5, R7, F3, F5, F7. M1-0.3mm, L1-0.4mm, R3/R5/R7/F3/F5/F7 – 0.25mm.
  • Dispose the needle in a Biohazard bag after use.
  • Do not use if needle package is unsealed or tampered.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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