What is IOLITE Mesotherapy Auto Micro needling Digital Device?

At First the IOLITE Mesotherapy Auto Micro needling Digital Device is used to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, then scarring, stretch marks, enlarged pores, loose skin, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. In fact 17,000RPM allows the pen to action needles faster Meanwhile It’s giving you greater surface area coverage. Beside It’s Comes with an LED Display Screen and Six Speed Setting. Additionally Smart Memory that remembers your usage patterns to give you the ultimate in customized treatment options.  About Dual powered – use with plug-in adapter and 2 meter cord, or wirelessly with 2x batteries for the ultimate in portability. You can use Micro needle anywhere, anytime!

Advantages of IOLITE Mesotherapy Auto Micro needling Digital Device!

  • At first Reducing cost compared with multiple treatments performed at a salon.
  • Soon it will give Visual and noticeable cosmetic improvement in a few days from the first treatment due to exfoliating effect.
  • During Procedure 42 pin cartridge option ideal for use on body.
  • In the Meantime it is Minimal downtime.
  • Besides No permanent damage or injury.
  • In fact No bruising, infection, discoloration or other complications.
  • Extremely high absorption of ingredients.
  • Furthermore Almost all skin types can be treated.
  • Meanwhile it’s Thickens the dermis without damaging.


  • Digital Display, more convenient operation.
  • Three Independent Driving Systems, triple protection.
  • Speed Memory Function, smart management. (for the wireless mode)
  • 3 Bayonet Connector, more stable connection.
  • 6 speed levels, more choices.
  • Battery: 2pcs(detachable & rechargeable)
  • Operation mode: wireless or plug-in
  • Adapter: 110-220V, 60-50Hz


  • Dr A6S Beauty Pen – 1*
  • #16 Pins Cartridges – 3*
  • #36 Pins Cartridges – 3*
  • Batteries – 2*
  • charger (used for battery) – 1*
  • US wall adapter – 1*
  • USB charger cable – 1*
  • Instruction manual – 1*

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