What is IOLITE Mesotherapy Nano Machine Needle Cartridge?

At first IOLITE Mesotherapy Nano Machine Needle Cartridge Can be used to treat scars second acne third stretch marks, and obesity lines. It can also rejuvenate, and tighten skin. In fact IOLITE A318 works with this needle cartridge will get twice the result with half the effort. Besides It’s Individual sterile packages are designed to be disposable to prevent cross-contamination and infection. Meanwhile the triangular bayonet slot makes the connection with the pen more stable and firm, while the needle is not easy to fall off, and the operation is easier and safer. Next the needle diameter is only 0.18mm second which is thinner than other needles with less trauma and slight pain. Finally it is only for personal use and do not to share with others in order to avoid infection. Please be noticed during this Package included: 10pcs replacement needles (not included with the device).

IOLITE Mesotherapy Nano Machine Needle Cartridge Types!

1. Micro needle A318 Cartridge 11 Needles.
2. Micro needle A318 Cartridge 16 Needles.
3. Micro needle A318 Cartridge 24 Needles.
4. Micro needle A318 Cartridge 36 Needles.
5. Micro needle A318 Cartridge 42 Needles.
5. Micro needle A318 Cartridge R NANO Needles.
7. Micro needle A318 Cartridge S NANO Needles.
8. Micro needle A318 Cartridge 5D NANO Needles Characteristics of IOLITE A318 pen needle cartridges.

Other Features

1.  First Individually Sterile Packed.
2. Disposable; Single Use Only.
3. Expiry Date / Lot Number Provide.
4. Improving Stretch Marks.
5. Sterilized With Gamma Rays.
6. Certification: ISO, CE.
7. Needles Quantity: 15 Pieces.

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