Why IOLITE Professional Magnetic Tweezer Case?

Our IOLITE Professional Magnetic Tweezer Case will protect and organize your tools. Protect your tools from dirt, dust, debris, and floor damage. Made from high-quality lightweight materials. In fact Magnetic tweezers case is design to hold several pairs of tweezers while protecting them from the wear and tear of daily use. Designed for everyone who works with eyelashes. Besides the New IOLITE Tweezer Case in soft teal faux leather is both on point and essential: with its aged-metal gold embellishment. The interior features a double-pink suede flap to keep your tools from scratching and double the magnets to keep your tweezers in place.

Investing in eyelash extension tweezers is expensive, so they should protect! Keeping those eyelash extension tweezer cases safe is easy with one of our chic sparkle magnetic eyelash extension tweezer cases. Taking precautions always pays off! Designed with two magnets so that your tweezers stay in place securely, the Magnetic Tweezers Case from IOLITE LASHES case merges the power of attraction with beauty. Separating the two halves is a protective flap, which effectively protects the tools from damage. Besides being vegan friendly, the faux leather case is designed to withstand heavy use. It comes in sleek black or playful pink, with a subtle imprint of the IOLITE logo. With this stylish, double-sided case, it’ll be impossible to resist its magnetic pull.

Any professional eyelash extension kit must include eyelash extension tweezers. Without sounding dramatic, these are your moneymakers! Did you know you can apply eyelash extensions with your fingers?  Probably not!

IOLITE Professional Magnetic Tweezer Case Easy to Carry!

The Tweezer Case is magnetic on one side, so tools that are magnetic can stay secure during transport or any type of movement. The case has a hard exterior making it strong and hard-wearing so it can be used for travel for mobile eyelash artists, or eyelash artists who travel for competitions/work/training

Contact us for more details, IOLITE EYELASH is a part of BSI COSMETICS.

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