Antibacterial Makeup remover for Eyes and Lips #IELMR


  • Regulates and treats inflammation.
  • Promotes faster wound healing.
  • Keeps eyelid skin younger by promoting blood circulation.
  • The delicate eyelid is not properly nourished with vitamin C.
  • Smooth, soft skin with added skin conditioner.
  • Skin is smoother and less wrinkled.
  • Protection for the eyelid by adding a barrier that will not wash off.
  • Cleans and prevents bacteria from growing on your eyelids & lip.
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What is Antibacterial Makeup Remover for Eyes and Lips?

We are excited to finally bring you this amazing Antibacterial Makeup remover for Eyes and Lips for the lash and lip Industry. The Makeup Remover is the perfect way to clean your makeup off without any harsh chemicals. This gentle remover leaves your skin feeling soft, healthy, and refreshed. Plus, it’s effective against more persistent stains and bacteria!
A specially formulated product packed with ingredients to protect and feed the delicate eyelid and under-eye area! And lip, if you want to splash out, use it as your daily makeup remover for the lip!

Why Antibacterial Makeup remover for Eyes and Lips different?

We have Developed specifically for lash extensions, and this makeup remover works with them. The lash application will not damage or compromise by the makeup remover. To prevent damage to lashes, clients should use this as an aftercare product to clean their eyelids thoroughly.

What’s the problem with using a Shampoo for Lash?

Our natural eyelashes have a pH of around 4.5 – 5.5, so lash shampoos are create with ingredients that raise the PH of the actual eyelashes. Typically, lash shampoos have a pH of 6 – 7 to help open the cuticles of the eyelashes so that they can thoroughly clean and prepare for application.
As a result of applying lash shampoo to the delicate eyelid area, the skin becomes more alkaline, creating a drier eyelid, pulling out all the moisture from the eyelid, which can result in the eyelid getting dry and cracked, which will leads to inflammation, which then causes the eyelid to age more quickly. Eyelids that are already prone to dryness may be stripped by lash shampoo, resulting in inflammation and swelling.

Contact us for more details, IOLITE EYELASH is a part of BSI COSMETICS.

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