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  • environmentally friendly metal
  • Free Use, It can be used at any time
  • Adjustable
  • Widely Used: Five variable-magnification lenses are included to help you check jewelry, watches, other luxury items, eyelash extensions, plants, animal inspections, small circuit inspections, watch repairs, etc., more clearly and quickly. If you are a craftsman, jewelry manufacturer or use with anything that requires close contact.


Why Iolite Eyelashes magnifying glasses is Special?

Iolite Eyelashes magnifying glasses for eyelash extensions are the ideal solution for lash technicians who require greater accuracy. The lash glasses offer tons of benefits to any technician who uses them. The application process is made easy with the addition of an LED light and five different magnifying lens options. Designed to be lightweight and comfortable, these magnifying glasses protect your eyes on a long-term basis, especially when working with multiple clients at a time.

Specifications & Details of Magnification

You can adjust the magnifying power of these lash glasses to suit your needs:

  • 1-Magnification 1.0X with a field of view of 555mm
  • 2-Magnification 1.5X with a field of view of 381mm
  • 3-Magnification 2.0X with a field of view of 278mm
  • 4-Magnification 2.5X with a field of view of 183mm
  • 5-Magnification 3.5X with a field of view of 156mm

Other benefits of these glasses include their non-slip nose pads and ultra-comfortable rubber forehead. While you shop these glasses, then you won’t have to strain your eyes while you are working!

Shop Iolite Lashes for All Lash Accessories

Meanwhile any object that needs close detail can be magnified using these lash glasses. Take them to the salon with you! Do you need other Iolite Beauty products and accessories? Check out our complete store to find what you need!

Features of Iolite Eyelashes magnifying glasses

  • Lens surface is treating with strengthening process to reach surface hardness of H5 degrees.

  • Movable lens slot is use to adjust the focal length between lens and object, and the distance between lens and eyes.

  • Lens part and bracket part adopt internal/external meshing structure to avoid falling-off in time of viewing and reading. Both parts repeating turning over when they are not using temporarily, with solidness and durability.

  • Nose bridge holder adopts stainless steel/soft glue gluing secondary injection molding. This holder can adjust freely according to the nose bridge shapes of different users.

  • Previous version MG9892B eyeglasses magnifier adopts button batteries, which has low capacity, short durability and needs frequent replacement. However, this upgrade version adopts three AAA batteries, therefore, battery capacity is greatly increase to realize battery life 20 hours longer than previous version.

  • Lens angle and LED light source irradiating angle can be adjusted to ensure accurate irradiation of light source on the surface of viewed object, making it more convenient in use.

  • Common bracket-type eyeglasses magnifier can fall off easily during use because lens and LED light source part are quite heavy. This product can solve such problem completely. If this magnifier needs to be worn for long time, it is advised to change bracket into headband state, which can make work comfortable

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