Natural Jade Stone Lash Extension Glue Tiles IGJS | By IOLITE LASHES


  • Reusable.
  • High quality.
  • Long lasting.
  • Use on its own or with a jade stone cover.
  • Keep your eyelash extension adhesive cold.
  • To clean the jade stone surface of lash glue residue, use a not cotton pad and acetone.
  • It is ideal surface prevents adhesive from curing too quickly during eyelash extension application.

What is Natural Jade Stone Lash Extension Glue Tiles?

Our Natural Jade Stone Lash Extension Glue Tiles are made to hold the eyelash extension glue during the application of eyelash extensions. Apply a little glue onto the Jade Stone, then run your lashes through the eyelash glue. This gem will take good care of your adhesive (eyelash glue). As we all know, the bond is impatient and likes to act up, but the jade stone represents balance. The Jade Stone keeps the love cool when you get together, so you don’t have to worry about it drying up.

Features of Natural Jade Stone Lash Extension Glue Tiles?

In addition to the crystal plate, the premium jade stone is using as a palette to prevent eyelash extension glue from drying too rapidly during the application process. If the bond is still liquid, you can clean the stone with a non-acetone product. If adhesive is left and hardens, the User must use acetone to clean. Soak stubborn glue overnight. Each jade stone has its unique color, and it may not appear the same as shown in the picture.

A low temperature and jade stone help extend the time it takes for an adhesive to dry. Over time, the jade stone can reduce glue temperatures, and slow down the speed of glue hardening, preventing the glue from drying out rapidly. It will save a lot of glue. These little stones have a smooth surface that makes cleaning them more accessible and allows you to apply to lash adhesive to them quickly. Eyelash extension glue can held by jade stones, making them suitable for beauty salons and personal eyelash extensions.

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