Double Tips Microblading Crystal Pen, Eyebrow & Microblading Pen


  • Manual eyebrow tattoo pen permanent eyebrow pencil, no need electric power
  • Skin safe for eyebrow permanent eyebrow pencil
  • Cross lock needles, the needle won’t shake after locked
  • Use with the paste pigment, it’s the mainly tools used in the eyebrow operation.
  • Easy to cope with, not easy to damage.
  • The 3d pen fits for all kinds of standard 3d micro-blading needles.

Why Double Tips Microblading Crystal Pen?

IOLITE Double Tips Microblading Crystal Pen is design to emulate the results of micro-blading, IOLITE COLLECTION’s micro-blading brow pen delivers fuller, perfectly defining eyebrows, for a natural look that lasts 24 hours.

What is the Double Tips Microblading Crystal Pen suitable for?

Microblading effect Double Tips Microblading Crystal Pen delivers a natural looking, well-defined look that lasts 24 hours. Then trident’s extra-fine prongs mimic micro-blading’s ‘lash by lash’ effect, drawing fine, precise strokes along the brows. For a naturally defined, transfer-proof look, it fills in sparse eyebrows and colors them from the very first stroke. Meanwhile with its longer ink formula, you’ll get that tattooed effect without the permanence – once applied, it dries quickly and stays put all day, but can be easily removed in the evening. In fact offering six different shades, while this micro-blading brow pen offers an easy, precise application and creates the illusion of natural eyebrows without having to visit a beauty salon!

– 24 hour transfer proof formula
– Dermatological and ophthalmologic-ally tested formula suitable for sensitive eyes.

How to work with a IOLITE 2 Sided Microblading Eyebrow Pen?

Using the micro-blading brow pen’s trident tip, when suddenly redraw the brows and fill in any sparse areas. During to make brows look thicker, draw light, short strokes all along the eyebrow in the same direction as your hair growth. Then, using the longest prong, draw a fine line from the end of the brow line to the end of the eyebrow. At last Apply delicately to clean eyebrows (without creams or makeup).

Tip from the pros:
During the procedure you can add a few more layers at the head of the eyebrow for a more intense defined look.

The Key of the product

  • High stability and perfect products.
  • Don’t need the power to do tattoo beauty operation.
  • Copper non-slip handle, operate more easily freehand brushwork.
  • Mainly for lady, easy to cope with, long-term use, not easy damage.
  • Excellent for eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, full lip color, scar camouflaging reconstruction and tattooing.
  • Permanent eyebrow pen
  • Lightweight & unique
  • Best gift for women
  • Material: copper, stainless steel

Contact us for more details, IOLITE EYELASH is a part of BSI COSMETICS.

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