Eyelash Extension Lash Glue Remover Gel Type 10g ILGRGT


  • Lash gel type lash extension glue remover is a fast acting, low irritation formula that dissolves lash adhesive gently & effectively.

What is Iolite Eyelash Extension Lash Glue Remover Gel Type?

We have designed our Iolite Eyelash Extension Lash Glue Remover Gel Type to facilitate eyelash extensions’ quick and safe removal. Because of its extra creamy texture, even clients with sensitive eyes can safely remove their eyelashes. While using your cream remover, place tissue or a flat piece of cotton between the lashes and allow the client to close his eyes. Then apply cream remover to the eyeliner brush. Next gently blot the adhesive from the eyelashes with the solution. Allow the glue to dissolve for a few minutes. You should be able to remove your lashes. Use micro brushes to make the process easier. This product should use by professionals and is specially design with eyelash extensions.

As crucial as applying lash extensions is removing them correctly. It is a brand of eyelash glue removers previously known as Blink Lash. Our professional eyelash extension removers are the quickest and easiest way to remove eyelash extensions. They are must-have items for anyone working with eyelash extensions. Specifically, Iolite Lashes offers three different textures. We offer a variety of lash removal products (cream glue lash removers, gel eyelash extension removers, and liquid glue removal products). You can choose from various containers and sizes (complete set removal and partial set removal).


  • Remover specifically designed for eyelash extensions.
  • Safe for sensitive eyes.
  • Removing lash extensions quickly and easily without damaging natural eyelashes.
  • When removing a client, it is recommend that they sit up or are more upright
  • The product has a shelf life of 1 year (unopened) and three months (opened)
  • Store in a cool, dry place

How to use Iolite Eyelash Extension Lash Glue Remover Gel Type

the client should apply Under-eye pads as usual. A small amount of the solution can be apply to the base of the natural lashes and drag up the extensions. Let the Wings sit for a few minutes, and then gently brush them away from the natural lashes with micro brushes until they are entirely remove. As soon as your lashes are free of extensions, please clean them with your Luxury eye cleanser.

Contact us for more details, IOLITE EYELASH is a part of BSI COSMETICS.

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Hawaiian Cherry Scent, Phytoncide Scent, Zest Blossom Scent