Eyelash Premium Glue Primer 15 ml


  • Prepares surface for application
  • Gets the correct pH balance
  • Removes dirt, oils, residual make up
  • Creates stronger bond with adhesives
  • Significantly helps extensions to last longer
  • Does not irritate the eye

Lash Primer is an essential part of  the pre-application process.  IOLITE Premium Lash Glue Primer cleans your clients natural lashes while removing all residue left behind after normal cleaning.

This eyelash primer for lash extensions not only cleans, but it resets  the natural lashes PH Balance, preparing them for the lash treatment that they will be receiving. Additionally, our specially formulated eyelash primer contains no oil, and is extremely gentle for your clients natural lashes.  After continued use, you will notice that using primer is key to longer lasting eyelash extensions.

This specially formulated product is designed especially for use with eyelash extensions. It should be applied before every eyelash extension installation to safely remove any excess debris, or other particles that may have accumulated on the natural lash which could affect the longevity of the eyelash extensions. Since this formula is oil free, it will not interfere with the life of your clients eyelash extensions.

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Scent Type

Hawaiian Cherry Scent, Phytoncide Scent, Zest Blossom Scent

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