Iolite Smart Eyelash Extension Kit


Iolite Smart Eyelash Extension Kit includes,

Eyelash Glue – Super Fast Drying Eyelash extension glue
Super Bond Primer – After Eyelash extension Super bonder for Maximise retention – Accelerate curing
Eyelash Primer – Eyelash Premium longer extension coating primer -Salon Formula
Eyelash Cleanser – Eyelash Premium sanitization extension preparation cleanser
Lash Glue Remover – Cream Type
Makeup Pouch


Smart Eyelash Extension Kit: Ignite Your Allure with Iolite Eyelashes

Enhance your natural beauty with Iolite Eyelashes’ Smart Eyelash Extension Kit. Unleash the power of professional-grade eyelash extensions in the comfort of your own home. This comprehensive lash kit is thoughtfully curated to provide everything you need for a flawless lash application experience.

Eyelash Extension Kit Contents

Eyelash Glue – Super Fast Drying Eyelash Extension Glue

Achieve stunning, long-lasting eyelash extensions with our Super Fast Drying Eyelash Extension Glue. Specially formulated for quick bonding, this adhesive ensures a secure and seamless application, allowing you to enjoy your luscious lashes for an extended period.

Super Bond Primer – Maximize Retention, Accelerate Curing

Take your eyelash extension game to the next level with our Super Bond Primer. This powerful formula not only maximizes retention but also accelerates the curing process. Say goodbye to frequent touch-ups as this primer enhances the longevity of your extensions, ensuring a flawless look that lasts.

Eyelash Primer – Premium Longer Extension Coating Primer

Elevate your lash game with our Premium Longer Extension Coating Primer. This salon-formula primer coats each lash, providing a smooth base for lash extension application. Experience extended length and enhanced adherence for a captivating and natural look.

Eyelash Cleanser – Premium Sanitization Extension Preparation Cleanser

Prioritize hygiene and preparation with our Premium Sanitization Extension Preparation Cleanser. This specially formulated cleanser ensures that your lashes are clean and ready for extension application. Create a pristine canvas for your new lashes with this essential step in the Smart Eyelash Extension Kit.

Lash Glue Remover – Cream Type

Gentle yet effective, our Cream Type Lash Glue Remover is designed to effortlessly dissolve eyelash glue without causing damage to your natural lashes. Make the removal process a breeze, allowing you to change your lash style whenever you desire.

Makeup Pouch for On-the-Go Glam

Keep your Kit For Eyelash Extension organized and ready for use with the included Makeup Pouch. Whether you’re traveling or just need a tidy storage solution, this pouch ensures that your eyelash essentials are always within reach.

Iolite Eyelashes offers Best Lash Extension Kits and ships worldwide. Our Smart Eyelash Extension Kit is your all-in-one solution for achieving professional-looking eyelash extensions at home. Elevate your beauty routine and let your eyes shine with the perfect blend of convenience and quality.

Contact us for more details, IOLITE EYELASH is a part of BSI COSMETICS.

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